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Our Painting Process

The painting process begins with you, the customer. We will start with your needs and create project specifications based on our experience and your expectations. Color, light, decor, traffic, and present and future usage are all vital to the creation of a given space and the materials needed to make it uniquely yours.

Interior Process:

  • Establish color, sheen and grade of paint by consulting with homeowner

  • Move, cover, and protect any furniture in room

  • Remove all doors, hardware, hangers, switches, and outlet covers unless otherwise specified

  • Protect floors from dust, paint and foot traffic

  • Repair and level surfaces

  • Caulk all joints for smooth appearance

  • Sand shiny surfaces for proper adhesion

  • Prime surfaces

  • Apply first coat

  • Clean

  • Apply second coat

  • Clean and remove all trash or debris

  • Replace furniture to original locations

Exterior Process:

  • Establish color, sheen and grade by consulting with homeowner

  • Trim landscaping that is touching the house

  • Inspect for loose substrate such as boards, gutters, nails, and rotted wood

  • Make any necessary repairs such as resetting popped nails

  • Replace rotted boards or falling gutters

  • Loosen downspouts for access

  • Remove loose or cracking paint

  • Sand cracked paint edges

  • Remove sanding dust and paint chips

  • Caulk all vertical lines to prevent moisture entry

  • Prime bare wood and caulk lines

  • Clean before finish coat

  • Finish coat #1

  • Finish coat #2

  • Clean, including washing exterior windows

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets can be painted to look as if they were shipped from the factory that way. We recommend Sherwin Williams Pro Classic Hybrid paint for kitchen cabinets together with our proven process to achieve long term results.

  • Remove old finish from cabinets.

  • Fill as much exposed grain as possible

  • Fill holes from old hardware if you are adding new hardware

  • Apply surface bonding primer to promote adhesion of top surface.

  • Finish coats in the color of your choice.