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Why Sunny Days?

Why Should we hire you to paint our house?

A few years back a customer asked me that point blank. I was a little taken back at first and didn’t know what to say. We had already gone over everything that needed to be done; we discussed prep work, using high quality materials, insurance, safety, clean-up and warranty so I wasn’t sure what he was looking for from me besides those things. In those days it was just Patrick and myself, I was just a painter, not a slick salesmen making empty promises or trying for the high pressure “sign your name on the dotted line” sales approach so all I could say was all that I knew, “Because you want it done right the first time”, The gentlemen looked at his wife and they both smiled and he said “then you get the job!”

It’s been seven years since we painted their house and it still looks great. Jerry and Betty still give our name out and we still talk on the phone from time to time just because we grew to enjoy talking to each other.

Since then we have grown some but the “Do it right the first time” Mentality is still the bottom line for everything we do. We still don’t use slick sales tactics either; we will meet with you, discuss your project and give you our price. We won’t hound you on the phone for an answer, your home is your castle and we respect that. These decisions usually involve a large chunk of your hard earned money. We will be here when you have decided to move forward with your project or to just answer any questions you have.

Choosing us for your project is about peace of mind, the kind of peace of mind that comes with getting right the first time with a company that knows how.